About Us

Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO), founded in 1975, is a non-profit organization representing the business interests of approximately 200 consulting engineering firms employing more than 20,000 Ontarians.

CEO works with all levels of government and other stakeholders to promote fair procurement and business practices and to support its member firms as necessary. 

CEO is a member organization of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada (ACEC) and International Federation for Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). When a company joins CEO, it automatically joins the ACEC and FIDIC.    


To promote a sustainable business environment for members.


To be the authoritative voice for consulting engineering companies.


Integrity, Trust, Collaboration, Diversity, Respect

Strategic Goals

Advocacy: To shape public policy, legislation and regulation of interest to members. 

Business Practices: To achieve favourable procurement and commercial business practices among members’ clients.

Member Engagement: To achieve member investment of time, effort and resources in exchange for value from CEO.